Tech RRT advisors are available to improve quality, scope and reach of nutrition emergency responses. Advisors can be deployed to work with the nutrition sector/cluster or to individual agencies. Anyone can request an advisor and there is no cost to the hosting agency. Follow the steps below to submit a request.

Step 1 – Complete the Request form below

Step 2 – Complete the ToR. See below the generic ToR’s for Assessment, CMAM, IYCF-E and SBC.

Tech RRT ToR Assessment Generic_Nov_2019

Tech RRT ToR CMAM Generic_Nov_2019

Tech RRT ToR IYCF-E Generic_Nov_2019

Tech RRT ToR SBC Generic_Jan_2020

Step 3 – Upload the completed ToR and submit the request form below or email to

Points to remember:

  1. Request length: Requests should be no longer than 6 weeks in length
  2. Host agency: The host agency is the agency which will host the Tech RRT Advisor while on deployment. In principle, this can be any agency, but it does carry with it responsibilities as highlighted in the TORs – Specific responsibilities include:  Support the Advisor logistically, administratively and to be responsible for their security arrangements. It is often easiest to have the Advisor’s contracting agency host them, if possible, or UNICEF under the Standby Partnership Agreement.
  3. In-country Technical Supervisor: This needs to be established and also carries responsibilities (i.e. initial technical briefings/revision of TORs, assigning focal people to work with the adviser, performance evaluation) but this can be independent of the hosting agency. As the support is for the collective, we prefer that it is someone who has oversight of that collective work.

Request Form: