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Please note that the content presented in these webinars does not imply endorsement by the Tech RRT, it’s consortium partners, it’s donors, or other partners involved in the webinar. They reflect the specific views and experiences of the presenters and are being shared by the Tech RRT in the interest of learning and improving emergency response.

Check out Tech RRT webinars and trainings on our youtube channel or watch below:

Tech RRT Capacity Strengthening Webinar Series: Programming for the Non-Breastfed Infant

Webinar 3: Safer Breastmilk Substitute Programming

Slides can be found here: Tech RRT Webinar – Non-breastfed infants: Safer BMS Programming 10 Oct 2019


Webinar 2: Wet or shared nursing

Slides can be found here: Tech RRT Webinar – Non-breastfed infants: wet or shared nursing 3 Oct 2019


Webinar 1: Relactation

Slides can be found here: Tech RRT_non_breastfed_infant_series_full_deck_final_low_reduced




Post Deployment Webinar Series:  Social and Behaviour Change deployment to support ADRA in Yemen (29th July 2019, presented by ADRA and Tech RRT).

Capacity Strengthening Series: Programme Spotlights – Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) and use of IYCF data (7th August, presented by IPC Global Support Unit).

Access the presentation slides here: Tech RRT Webinar_Integration of IYCF data into IPC_Webinar_Aug 2019

Capacity Strengthening Series: Programme Spotlights – Integrating IYCF-E with WFP Cash Distributions in the DRC (31st July 2019, presented by WFP).

Access the presentation slides here: Tech RRT Webinar_Integrating IYCF with WFP Cash Distributions in DRC_31July2019

Capacity Strengthening Series: Programme Spotlights – Baby-friendly spaces linked with mental health and psycho-social support in the Central African Republic (24th July 2019, presented by Action Against Hunger).

Access the presentation slides here: Tech RRT Webinar_Integrating MHPSS and IYCF with Baby Friendly Spaces in CAR_24July2019

Access the Action Against Hunger Baby Friendly Spaces Technical Manual here.

Capacity Strengthening Series: Programme Spotlights – Integrated family planning services with mother-baby nutrition areas in the Rohingya camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh (17th July 2019, presented by Save the Children).

Access the presentation slides here: Tech RRT Webinar_Integrating FP and IYCF in Bangladesh_17July2019

Capacity Strengthening Series: On-the-job coaching to improve program capacity-23 January 2019

Capacity Strengthening Series: Is there a significant difference? An introduction to comparing nutrition survey results – 3 October 2018


Capacity Strengthening Series: Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies Orientation for Non-Nutrition Sectors 2 October 2018


How can National Organizations benefit from the Tech RRT – 8 August 2018


DRC Post-deployment Webinar – 12 June 2018


Nigeria Post-deployment Webinar – 28 September 2017


Somalia Post-deployment Webinar – 29 June 2017


Yemen Post-deployment Webinar – 22 May 2017
Unfortunately, due to technical issues, there is no recording available for this webinar. However, the slides can be downloaded here.

Iraq Post-deployment Webinar – 27 April 2017


World Breastfeeding Week Webinar: Synergies in Integration with IYCF-E – 7 August 2017


Capacity Strengthening Series: Creating Data Entry Forms Using Epi Info 7.2

Tools & Reports

Interesting Tools and Reports

Tech RRT Final Evaluation Report and Annex, undertaken by an external evaluator in February & March 2018:
         External Evaluation Report
         External Evaluation Annexes

IYCF Assessment Fact Sheet, in English, French, and Arabic.
The purpose of the fact sheet is to give basic principles of infant and young child feeding assessments in emergencies, including objectives, methodologies, indicators, and best practices. It embraces different types of assessments, such as rapid assessments and representative surveys, and different methodologies, such as household interviews and focus group discussions. It does not cover monitoring. The document points to resources with detailed guidance, which are listed at the end of the document. The fact sheet can be useful to staff involved in planning and managing nutrition programmes in emergencies.

Assessment resources from one of our deployments to Ethiopia including guidance on sampling in pastoral populations:

Key Activities Template for SMART Surveys in Somali Region, Ethiopia, 2018 Pastoral Sampling in Kelafo Woreda, 2018

IYCF Resources:

Mother Baby Spaces_Somalia

AN_15_Full_Assessment_FIN AN_17_MIYCN_ Registry_FIN_REV AN_18_Monthly_ Report_MIYCN_FIN AN_19_Education session_FIN AN_19_Education session_FIN IYCF Rapid Assessment Form_Translated_REV Partners_IYCFE_Report_20172018 Revised Recording and Reporting tools  

More tools and reports are coming soon!

Our Favorite Websites

Some of our favorite websites

Global Nutrition Cluster




Field Exchange

The State of Acute Malnutrition

The H2H Network

International Medical Corps

Save the Children

Action Against Hunger

TRAIN is a national learning network that provides quality training opportunities for professionals who protect and improve the public’s health.: