Our multi-stakeholder Steering Committee guides the Tech RRT with representatives from implementing agencies (International Medical Corps, Action Against Hunger and Save the Children). Although the donors (USAID/OFDA, Irish Aid and SIDA) are not part of the Steering Committee itself, the donors are closely associated to the project and the decision making process related to deployments. The Steering Committee guides the implementation, direction and evaluation of the Tech RRT project. It takes responsibility for and addresses the major issues associated with the Tech RRT. It works in close collaboration with the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC), UNICEF, USAID/OFDA, Irish Aid, SIDA and under the umbrella of the Global Technical Assistance Mechanism for Nutrition (GTAM).

The member committees are:

  • Suzanne Brinkmann, International Medical Corps, Nutrition Adviser
  • Andi Kendle, International Medical Corps, Program Director
  • Hassan Ali Ahmed, Action Against Hunger-Canada, Senior Nutrition Advisor
  • Megan Gayford, Save the Children, Senior Nutrition Advisor (Alessandro Iellamo, Global IYCF-E Advisor (maternity cover))
  • Armelle Sacher, Action Against Hunger-USA, Senior Technical Advisor, Social Behaviour Change and Gender Transformation

An extended steering committee including the core Steering Committee, UNICEF and the GNC meet to coordinate efforts and reduce the risk of duplication.

The Role of the Tech RRT Steering Committee is to:

  • Provide strategic direction and oversight to the program to ensure that it meets its aim and objectives as set out in the proposal/donor’s agreement.
  • Review field requests, endorse and deploy the technical surge advisors.
  • Deliberate, make decisions, and to be an “advocate” for the Tech RRT project.
  • Ensure that the Tech RRT project is consistent with and informs the work of partners, the Nutrition cluster (global and country level) and addresses identified gaps.
  • Review work plan achievements on a regular basis and provide support if needed.
  • Address any issue that has major implications for the project and provide guidance to those directly involved in the project.
  • Reconcile differences in opinion and approach, and resolve disputes arising from them.
  • Report on project progress to those responsible at senior level and ensure that lessons learnt and best practices are documented and disseminated.