What has happened to the Tech RRT?

What has happened to the Tech RRT? Since August 2015 the Technical Rapid Response Team (Tech RRT), a consortium of Action Against Hunger, Save the Children and International Medical Corps, has provided technical support to nutrition responses. The hard work, learning and development during these last 5 years has made a significant contribution to the … Continued

New IYCF-E Individual Capacity Assessment Tool AVAILABLE NOW!

Photo credit: Peter Caton/ Save the Children Do you want to asses the level of knowledge, skills and confidence that health and nutrition workers have in the area of IYCF/IYCF-E? Are you aiming to establish a capacity development plan? If so, then the IYCF-E Individual Capacity Assessment Tool for Health and Nutrition Service Providers is … Continued

Take this survey: beliefs on COVID-19 and breastfeeding!

Please complete the following survey. You will only be able to take the survey once and your response will be anonymous. A flood of information about COVID-19, breastfeeding, and human milk is distributed to communities and practitioners around the world. While not all information is legitimate, and some messages are misleading, it is important to … Continued

Check a new repository on COVID-19 and Breastfeeding

What Does the Science Tell Us? This repository is compiled by the Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health and provides an overview of what peer-reviewed journal articles currently state on COVID-19, breastfeeding, infant feeding, and breast milk. As the pandemic is ongoing, more and more research results are published. With this service, we aim to provide the user … Continued

Another IYCF-E Learning and Sharing Café coming on the 30th November 2020!

Photo credit: Egan Hwan / Save the Children, Myanmar The IFE Core Group, GNC Technical Alliance (formerly the GTAM), UNICEF, WFP, Save the Children, Tech RRT and USAID Advancing Nutrition are glad to invite you all to participate in another learning and sharing “café” that will provide an opportunity for nutrition practitioners to share their lessons learned … Continued

Two new tools to support IYCF-E programming

Photo credit: Save the Children The Tech RRT and Save the Children are pleased to share two important tools to support IYCF-E programming. PROGRAMMING IN THE CONTEXT OF COVID 19: CONSIDERATIONS FOR ADAPTATION The tool can be downloaded here. This IYCF/IYCF-E program adaptation tool, for use in the context of COVID19, has been developed to … Continued

Webinar – Safely Resuming Door-to-door Surveys: Data Collection and Utilization in the Context of COVID-19

Photo Credit: ©UNICEF/Wilander Tech RRT in collaboration with SMART, GNC Coordination Team, GNC-Technical Alliance (formerly GTAM), IPC, UNICEF and Save the Children bring you another webinar to support nutrition surveys in the COVID-19 context.  “Safely Resuming Door-to-door Surveys: Data Collection and Utilization in the Context of COVID-19” Join us on Thursday, 29th October at 14:00-15:30 (Geneva Time). The webinar … Continued

Implementing Emergency Nutrition Activities in Traditionally Development Contexts – Call for Case Studies

The Tech RRT is looking for humanitarian practitioners with experience in implementing emergency nutrition activities in traditionally development contexts to contribute to a future Tech RRT webinar looking to highlight challenges and strategies used in these unique contexts.   Background:  Humanitarian activities respond to the immediate aftermath of emergencies, or longer-term chronic emergencies, aiming to save lives and alleviate suffering. Development activities target … Continued

What does the science tell us? Amazing repository of the latest publications on COVID-19 and nutrition available for all

Creator: Naeblys | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto It is not easy to remain up-to-date on the scientific information that is coming out on COVID-19, maternal and child health, and nutrition. This is why the Emergency Response and Recovery Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Atlanta, from Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health are working on sharing the latest … Continued