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Deployment 1

Name of sector: Assessment, Link NCA

Dates of deployment:  10 working days between March and July 2020, remote support

Reason for request:

The Link NCA methodology being a mixed method study, it relies on the collection and triangulation of both qualitative and quantitative data. The quantitative component relies on the SMART methodology for its anthropometric survey coupled with a household risk factor survey. While these two surveys were integral parts of the Link NCA method since its development in 2012, the data analyses have recently been strengthened substantially by moving away from a prevalence-based categorization of risk factors to testing of statistical associations between the nutritional status of children and tested risk factors.
There is currently limited expertise available worldwide to conduct the Link NCA analyses according to the new approach to analysis. As a result, the Link NCA team does not have a required capacity to support the large portfolio of ongoing studies and support the Link NCA Analysts in their work to ensure the methodological alignment and rigor. Therefore, the expertise within the Tech RRT has been sought to strengthen the support to these studies and to enhance the capacity of Link NCA Analysts to perform such analysis in the future.

Key achievements:  

  • The Assessment Adviser has contributed to understanding the causes of malnutrition in five different contexts through contributing to the quality of five Link NCA surveys whilst concurrently building the technical capacity of several Link NCA Analysts, and strengthening the pool of available Link NCA Analysts for future surveys.
  • Report detailing training, coaching and technical support provided.