Update from the Field: Yemen

Background and Tech RRT Deployment Ongoing conflict is devastating Yemen. Humanitarian partners now estimate that 21.2 million people (82% of population) require some kind of humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs or protect their fundamental rights. Malnutrition rates are rising in Yemen and partners now estimate that 4.5 million people require treatment or prevention … Continued

Update from the Field: Syria

The Syrian Crisis continues to be one of the worst humanitarian and protection crisis of our time. As the Crisis continues in its sixth year, the ongoing conflict has taken a significant toll on the lives of the Syrian people, having led to significant displacement of over half of the population, with 4.8 million seeking … Continued

On-the-job Coaching: Effective Low Cost Solutions to Capacity Building

Recently in Northern Nigeria, the Tech RRT was deployed to help improve the quality of care in stabilization centers across Borno and Yobe states. Northern Nigeria has been in a state of violent conflict for the last few years, causing unprecedented movement of populations. The conflict has left a significant number of people with limited … Continued

Update from the Field: Somalia

For almost three decades, Somalia has been facing ongoing conflict, lack of governance and recurrent natural hazards such as drought and flooding. Political progress has been made in recent years to mitigate the impact of these challenges, but it has yet to translate into improvement on basic services. These challenges are a driving factor in … Continued