Does your organisation need remote support to improve nutrition outcomes?

The Technical Rapid Response Team (Tech RRT) has advisors with expertise in CMAM, IYCF-E, SBC, Assessments and Surveillance, who are available to provide remote support to individual organisations or the collective nutrition response. The Tech RRT can provide support to both COVID-19 related nutrition responses and other activities aimed at improving nutrition outcomes. Whilst COVID-19 … Continued

Management of At-risk Mothers and Infants under 6 months (MAMI): experiences from community programming

The vision for MAMI is that every infant under 6 months is nutritionally assessed and appropriately supported to survive and thrive, at every community and health-service contact. This video was developed by Save the Children in collaboration with GOAL, with financial support from Eleanor Crook Foundation (ECF) and technical support from the MAMI Global Network. Save … Continued

Adaptations in the management of child wasting in the context of COVID-19

Photo Credit: Action Against Hunger-USA Action Against Hunger-USA, with UNICEF and the US Centers for Disease Control, is conducting a new project in which organizations around the world are coming together to systematically document, analyze and synthesize information related to adaptations (such as reduced dosage, iCCM+Nut, Family MUAC, etc.) made to outpatient facilities, community-based programs, and community health worker platforms in the management … Continued