The Infant Feeding in Emergencies (IFE) Core Group has put out a call for case studies to be presented during a webinar series later in 2020  focusing on the Infant Feeding in Emergencies Operational Guidance (IFE-OG).

Each webinar will be facilitated by a lead specialist in the field, and provide space for 2 case study presentations from humanitarian and fragile environments.

The IFE-Core Group would like to solicit the submission of relevant Case Studies on the implementation of the IFE-OG. They would like colleagues at the global, regional and country levels to submit ideas that could be considered for sharing during one of the webinars.

A simple 1 page form that should be used to submit your case studies and can be downloaded here.

Please submit your Case Study/Form by COB April 15, 2020. 

Feel free to send any queries and requests for clarification directly to Alex or Linda:

Further information on the webinars

The objectives of these webinars are to:

    • Raise awareness on the different recommendations and standards proposed by the IFE-OG
    • Increase knowledge and understanding through sharing of best practices and lessons learned  in the implementation of the IFE-OG at the country level
    • Galvanize field workers, programme managers, decision and policy makers, donors and funding agencies in scaling up efforts and resources for the effective implementation of the IFE OG across contexts

The webinars will target a wide range of audiences including:

    • Field workers  and staff from government, national and international organizations (health and nutrition, FSL, WASH and other relevant sectors);
    • Health and Nutrition Programme Managers (health and nutrition, FSL, WASH and other relevant sectors) ;
    • Donor/funding agencies ; and
    • Policy makers, decision makers, country level managers  (specifically for the introductory webinar and the launch of the Global Report on the progress of the IYCF-E Operational Guidance

The idea is to have webinars that will help unpack and better understand the different actions, standards and recommendations of the IFE-OG with concrete field experiences. A series will planned to reflect the different components of the guidance.

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