The Technical Rapid Response Team (Tech RRT) has advisors with expertise in CMAM, IYCF-E, SBC, Assessments and Surveillance, who are available to provide remote support to individual organisations or the collective nutrition response.

The Tech RRT can provide support to both COVID-19 related nutrition responses and other activities aimed at improving nutrition outcomes. Whilst COVID-19 is a priority in many contexts, typical nutrition responses continue and may need Tech RRT support.

Thanks to our donors (USAID, SIDA, Irish Aid, Save the Children and UNICEF) financial support is available.

Please find an explanatory 1-pager on each of the four areas of expertise below, and in case you are interested in requesting support, you can use the ToR Template:

Previous remote support has been undertaken in several countries.

In DRC, for example, we have supported the Nutrition Cluster and the government in their implementation of the simplified approaches as recommended in the management of malnutrition in the context of COVID-19.

In Ethiopia, we have supported the Emergency Nutrition Coordination Unit in reviewing of MIYCN guidance in the COVID-19 context with the aim of minimizing the COVID-19 impact and building a functional MIYCN coordination platform.

To request support from a Tech RRT Advisor, email

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